Betty’s Beloved Brew

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Betty’s Beloved Brew  is a solvent blend ideal for silicone deposition, removal, and swelling in medical applications.


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Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

Description: Betty’s Beloved Brew is a solvent blend of 2,3-dihydridecafluoropentane and hexamethyldisiloxane used for cleaning and depositing silicone oil-based lubricants and as a swelling media for silicone rubber tubing. Betty’s Beloved Brew is formulated to have favorable characteristics including low toxicity, thermal stability, and being a non-ozone depleting chemical. It is compatible with many materials and evaporates quickly making it an efficient degreasing solvent.    

Substitutions: Betty’s Beloved Brew is an alternative for environmentally regulated fluids and can replace high global warming potential materials in similar medical field applications. It can replace CFC-113, methylchloroform, HCFCs, and PFCs in applications including critical cleaning, drying, carrier fluids, and other high-value cases where reliability is important.   

Worker Safety: Betty’s Beloved Brew efficiently balances optimal performance, worker safety, and environmentally preferable properties. 

  • Thermally Stable 
  • Evaporates Quickly 
  • Low Toxicity 
  • Not a Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) 
  • Non-ozone Depleting Chemical (ODC) 
  • Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) 
  • Compatible with most common metals, plastics, and polymeric materials 


Betty’s Beloved Brew is formulated for silicone deposition, removal, and swelling applications within the medical field. Betty’s Beloved Brew is compatible with a range of metals, plastics, and elastomers. Testing of all materials is highly recommended prior to use. 

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