Benefits of Fluorinated Solvents

Benefits of Fluorinated Solvents

Looking for a solvent to replace the current brominated or chlorinated solvents you have? Wanting to help the environment and make the workplace safer for your employees but don’t want to deal with the stress of losing profits or performance? LssChemical can help! Contact us to learn more about our fluorinated solvents to replace your current solvents! Read on to find out just how beneficial switching to a fluorinated solvent can be for you.  

Advantages of These Solvents

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is regulating and enforcing the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. By switching a solvent that creates chlorofluorocarbons or hydrofluorocarbons with a fluorinated solvent, you can contribute to protecting the environment. Fluorinated solvent’s impact on the atmosphere is: 

  1. Zero ozone depletion 
  2. Low global warming potential 
  3. Zero air pollution

While other solvents may be unsafe for employees to handle, fluorinated solvents have a variety of benefits that make using the solvent safer for everyone involved. A few examples of the beneficial characteristics include: 

  • Nonflammable 
  • Nonexplosive 
  • Rapid evaporation capability 
  • High solvency strength 
  • Low surface tension 
  • Low boiling point 
  • Minimal, non-volatile residue 
  • No need for stabilizer additives 
  • Nonhazardous to transport (Department of Transportation) 

As a company, looking to replace a solvent can often be a strenuous job. Trying to find an option with a comparable price, one that works with all the materials it may come in contact with, and doesn’t change the process or equipment needed can be almost impossible at times. When switching to a fluorinated solvent, often these problems don’t arise because of the solvent: 

  • Doesn’t affect profitability or performance 
  • Is highly compatible with a range of materials 
  • Can be adapted to use in current cleaning equipment

Why Switch to Fluorinated Solvents? 

Not only does switching from greenhouse gas-producing chemicals help to stay within the regulation of the EPA, but it also helps protect the employees and provides a safer work environment. The switch to a fluorinated solvent requires little to no change in the apparatus it will be used in and does not affect the performance or profitability of the process. View our fluorinated solvents here!