Renewable Chemicals Company

Welcome to LssChemicals, a renewable chemicals company where we are singularly focused on using less chemicals. We work to achieve the same or better results with your finished product, while protecting the environment at all costs. When making your next chemical purchase we hope you follow our three-step review:

  • Am I using the right product the first time to eliminate waste?
  • Could I be using a product that can be reclaimed, recycled, or potentially upcycled?
  • Am I using such a large amount of chemicals that it makes sense to develop a custom product that uses less?

Creating a custom solution for a large chemical consumer has the potential to reduce chemical waste, eliminate toxic chemicals, stop excess chemical usage, reduce voc’s, improve worker safety and lead to better production and finished product. All these improvements help a company save money while reducing their impact on the environment. We hope you will partner with us to pick the best chemical for everyone.