Best Electrical Contact Cleaner

Best Electrical Contact Cleaner

Electric contacts, the delicate metal pieces which often transfer electricity between parts, can often accumulate gunk, making them less efficient. If you’ve ever taken apart an old battery-powered item and found the metal edges of the battery housing covered in white crumbling residue, you would be familiar with electric contact corrosion. That is just one way that the contamination of small electronics can damage the functionality of an object. Having a reliable, effective, and environmentally conscious electrical contact cleaner is essential for keeping your electronic parts working.


Electrical contacts can be found in many different types of machines. Here are a few mechanisms that might benefit from contact cleaner:

  • Relays
  • Electronic components
  • Connectors
  • Switches
  • Circuit breakers

Many of these parts can become insulated when dirt, rust, grease, corrosion, or other contaminants cover the metal where electricity flows. To remove this gunk, it is important to not rely on griding or abrasive cleaning because that might damage the part. For that reason, an aerosol cleaner with an effective yet non-damaging solvent can be an important tool.

Efficiency Measures

For aerosol cleaners, it is important that they do their job without leaving a lasting residue. LssChemical’s Don’s Dazzling Decoction (DDD) is designed to have high volatility, meaning it will dry quickly after being sprayed. Additionally, low surface tension means that the spray goes on evenly and will not leave residue on the cleaned part.

It is also important that these cleaners not damage the greater machinery through overspray (the air-borne liquid that does not hit the targeted area). Certain plastics and composites can be damaged by harsher chemicals. However, DDD is compatible with

  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Elastomers
  • Composite electronic assemblies

This means that there is little danger of unintended damage to neighboring parts.

Aerosol products are often home to damaging ODCs (Ozone Depleting Chemicals), like fluorocarbons. However, DDD can deliver an effective cleaning without ozone depletion.

Need some Effective Electrical Contact Cleaner?

LssChemicals has worked hard to formulate Don’s Dazzling Decoction, a fast, safe, and effective electrical contact cleaner. If you need a trustworthy product for your electrical parts cleaning, or another chemical solution for your industrial problem, please reach out to our chemical experts today!