Are Industrial Degreasers Toxic?

Are Industrial Degreasers Toxic?

Each industrial degreaser has a different toxicological information. All toxicological information can be found in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each degreaser. The SDS provides sections including information about toxicological information, ecological information, and regulatory information that can all contain useful information about a degreaser’s toxicity.

LssChemicals Industrial Degreaser

LssChemicals offers nine chemicals to help with your degreasing needs. Each chemical has its own toxicological data located in their SDS’s, which are available on the product pages. Review the individual SDS to determine more information about the question “are industrial degreasers toxic?” for each chemical.

The degreasing chemicals available have specific acute toxicological information that is often used to determine if the product is safe for different applications. The acute toxicity information shows the chemical in the degreaser that poses an acute toxicological effect. Acute toxicity is defined as toxicity that arises soon after administration. An overview of the acute toxicological information for each degreasing chemical is shown in the chart below.

LssChemical Degreasing Chemical 

Acute Toxicity Chemical 

Anne’s Astonishing Antidote (AAA)  Proprietary Fluorinated Fluid Blend 

Proprietary Solvent 

Betty’s Beloved Brew (BBB)  No Data Available 
Don’s Dazzling Decoction (DDD)  Trans-dichloroethylene 
Frank’s Funky Formula (FFF)  Trans-dichloroethylene 
Jack’s Jazzy Juice (JJJ)  Proprietary Solvent 


Nancy’s Nifty Nectar (NNN)  Proprietary Fluorinated Fluid Blend 

Proprietary Solvent 

Olga’s Original Ointment (OOO)  Trans-dichloroethylene 
Susan’s Sensational Solution (SSS)  Trans-dichloroethylene 

Isopropyl Alcohol 

Tricia’s Trusty Tonic (TTT)   Acetone 

For each of these solvents from LssChemicals, more information about the Lethal Dose (LD) and Lethal Concentration (LC) for the listed acute toxicity chemicals in the solvents. Are you still trying to answer the question, “are industrial degreasers toxic?” The short answer is yes. Standard practice is to assume toxicity and wear appropriate protective equipment to prevent any incidental exposure if handling the chemical is required. Every worker should be aware of the hazards of the chemicals they are working with prior to handling chemicals.

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