Are Degreasers Flammable?

Are Degreasers Flammable?

Are degreasers flammable? It depends on the type of degreaser. Some degreasers can contain highly flammable hydrocarbons and alcohols making the solvent an increased hazard around ignition sources while others do not.  

Flammable Degreasers

Flammable degreasers provide an economical and efficient cleaner but can be a safety hazard. Without proper ventilation, flammable degreasers can be even more hazardous. When working with flammable degreasers, beware of: 

  • Open flames 
  • Sparks 
  • Hot surfaces 

When a flammable degreaser is used in the proximity of open flames, sparks, or hot surfaces, the degreaser can easily catch fire, causing a dangerous situation for the workers and requiring proper fire extinguishing protocols to be carried out to prevent severe damage.  

Even though some degreasers are not classified as flammable but instead classified as high flash solvents, they still pose a safety risk. Although the vapors are less likely to combust in ambient temperatures, less than 140°F, high flashpoint solvents can still combust at elevated temperatures. The higher the flash point of a degreaser, the less flammable or hazardous it is compared to lower flashpoints. 

Non-Flammable Degreasers 

Non-flammable degreasers offer a safer work environment when it comes to working with open flames, sparks, and hot surfaces but when it comes to toxicity, these degreasers contain chemicals that have significant concerns. Some of the chemicals they may contain are: 

  • N-propyl bromide 
  • Trichloroethylene 
  • Perchloroethylene 

Although they do not pose a threat of creating a flame, they are still not considered a completely safe alternative without proper training or safety equipment due to their toxicity. Also, non-flammable degreasers are often more expensive compared to flammable degreasers since they offer a potentially safer alternative that can clean just as well as their flammable counterpart.  


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