Are Hydrofluoroethers Non-Flammable?

Are Hydrofluoroethers Non-Flammable?

Yes! Hydrofluoroethers are non-flammable. Although they are considered non-flammable, they can be considered a low-flammability risk only when they contain a high fluorine to hydrogen ratio. These types of hydrofluoroethers are not commonly found or used in degreasing solvents.  

Hydrofluoroethers Reducing Flammability

Flammable can be defined as easily set on fire with the presence of an ignition source. When looking to use a more aggressive solvent that is flammable, mixing it with hydrofluoroethers can potentially decrease the flammability of the created mixture. The hydrofluoroethers can “inert” the solvent it is being mixed with.  

The hydrofluoroethers can inert more flammable solvents creating a non-flammable cleaning solution that has a constant composition. This allows for blends of hydrofluoroethers and other solvents to be made that are more aggressive when it comes to cleaning but  (remain safe when it comes to flammability. 

In a co-solvent system, hydrofluoroethers are used to rinse organic solvents off machine parts or purge the system prior to use. This creates an inert non-flammable vapor blanket on the machine parts or in the system. The non-flammable vapor blanket provides an additional safety measure when working in areas that may be exposed to sparks, open flames, or hot surfaces. The purging of a system and vapor blanket may also be used to help dilute a system under pressure.  

Additional Benefits of Hydrofluoroethers 

Aside from being non-flammable, hydrofluoroethers offer a range of quality characteristics that make them desirable to use.  

  • Low moisture content 
  • Low global warming potential 
  • Almost zero ozone depletion 
  • Short atmospheric lifetime 
  • Low toxicity 

These qualities allow for hydrofluoroethers to be used in a variety of industries especially in recent years when environmental impact is a concern.  


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