Benefits of a Low Surface Tension Precision Degreaser

Benefits of a Low Surface Tension Precision Degreaser

Surface tension allows the degreaser to flow closer to the surface, allowing for a more precise clean and removing virtually all contaminants.

What is Surface Tension?

In the liquid state, molecules are attracted to molecules of the same type with an intermolecular cohesive force. This force acts in all directions in the liquid state. At the edge of the liquid, there is a different material present, and thus, the liquid cannot bond with it. Due to the different materials being present, the liquid clings to itself even stronger.

Why is a Low Surface Tension Precision Degreaser Better?

With a lower surface tension, the liquid is not as attracted to itself, allowing it to flow across a different surface. With a fluid that can flow across other surfaces better, the fluid can then clean more contaminants off the surface, providing a better precision clean. If the surface tension was too high, the liquid would not allow itself to flow in the tiny areas that collect contaminants.

A lower surface tension, resulting in a lower cohesive tendency for the flowing fluid, can obtain a better clean on the surface.

LssChemicals Degreasers

Listed below are the degreasers available from LssChemicals and their surface tensions.

Degreaser  AAA  FFF  JJJ  NNN  OOO  SSS 
Surface Tension @25°C (dyne/cm)  21  19.1  15.9  18.8  17.8  21 

Jack’s Jazzy Juice is shown to be the low surface tension precision degreaser, and reasonably so, since it has the lowest surface tension of all the surface tensions available for the non-flammable degreaser line from LssChemicals. Surface tension is not the only property that determines how well fluid can flow over a surface, but it is one of the dominating factors.

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