How To Remove Silicone Grease From Metals

How To Remove Silicone Grease From Metals

Silicone grease is used in a variety of applications on a range of materials and can be difficult to remove from those materials. LssChemicals Betty’s Beloved Brew is specially formulated to answer the question “how to remove silicone grease from metals” along with other materials.

What is silicone grease used for?

Silicone grease is a waterproof lubricant. It is used industrially as a lubricant and corrosion inhibitor for metal components and is also used to preserve rubber parts. Silicone can also be found in industrial adhesives to seal and bond metal, plastic, and more. Silicone grease and adhesives are waterproof, making them difficult to clean and requiring an industrial solvent to remove them from metals and other materials.

Remove silicone grease with Betty’s Beloved Brew

LssChemicals’ Betty’s Beloved Brew (BBB) is formulated for silicone deposition, removal, and swelling. As a blend of dihydrodecafluoropentane and hexamethyldisiloxane, BBB is a solvent for cleaning or depositing oil-based silicone lubricants for medical applications.

BBB is an answer to “how to remove silicone grease from metal.” For most processes using BBB, metal parts are immersed in the degreasing solvent with a minimized vapor-to-air interface or a lowered temperature to allow BBB to effectively degrease the metal. BBB is very stable with common metals such as aluminum and stainless steel, but using BBB with highly basic materials with a pH>10 is not recommended.

Benefits of Using BBB

BBB has many properties, making it a top contender when choosing a silicone degreaser for metals and other materials. Some of these advantageous properties include:

  • Low global warming potential
  • Zero-ozone depletion
  • Accepted by the U.S. EPA and Significant New Alternatives Program (SNAP) as a substitute for ozone depleting substances 

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