Why is TCE being Regulated?

Why is TCE being Regulated?

One of the intriguing properties of Trichloroethylene (or TCE) is that its smell is similar to a sweet, fruity smell. The dangerous drug known as chloroform is often compared to this biochemical as well. In addition to its use in nearby industries, this chemical is also used in decaffeinated coffee (to extract caffeine), many household products, and even spice extracts. As a substance it was also found to be helpful in the degreasing of photographic equipment and lenses. This substance, in addition to being a popular alternative to alcohol, became widely used too, until the dangers of using it were revealed. Due to its high evaporation rate, this substance is extremely volatile. It is highly toxic because it is immiscible with water, and so it takes longer for it to degrade in marine environments Cracks in your home’s foundation can easily allow this compound to seep into your house, which is another reason why regulations of this chemical are imperative.

TCE Historical Background

During the 1930s, the emergence of this chemical was specifically associated with the dry cleaning industry The discovery of this was created in a lab. This product of the reaction between hexachloroethane and hydrogen is what creates this compound.. Its industrial applications could be found in a wide range of fields. Its intended purpose was to act as a cleaning agent, a degreaser and a solvent, as well as a tool for extraction. The most important aspect of a solvent is that it must be able to completely dissolve a substance into a solution. It is also soluble in ethanol, making this solvent an effective solvent for dry cleaning because it can be used to remove stains. Nonetheless, as the years went by, there became more and more evident the dangers of TCE, and the push for its regulation became an unavoidable necessity.

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