TCE Environmental Impacts

TCE Environmental Impacts

Trichloroethylene (TCE) is a chemical compound that is highly reactive and can cause harm to the environment and human health. To learn more about TCE’s environmental impacts, read on.

TCE Through the Years

TCE is a synthetic substance that was introduced during the boom of the Industrial Revolution in the early 1900s. At the time, trichloroethylene was the most popular solvent in the dry cleaning industry when it came to removing difficult stains, and a popular cleaning agent for industry equipment.

As TCE grew in popularity, so did its uses. Trichloroethylene soon became a chemical used across various industries, including the film industry. This compound is helpful for degreasing:

  • photographic equipment and camera lenses
  • paint from various surfaces
  • any metal surface

After several in-depth studies on trichloroethylene, this compound is now considered a carcinogenic, and is not safe to use or ingest. However, it is still found as an additive in many household items such as:

  • paint removers
  • glue
  • stain removers
  • gun cleaners
  • metal cleaners
  • and more

A Risk Analysis of TCE

The drive for alternative extraction biochemicals has increased as industries continue to discover the detrimental effects of using TCE to human health and the wellbeing of the environment.

Ingestion or contact with TCE can cause any of the following health effects, ranging from temporary to permanent:

  • severe skin burns
  • conjunctivitis
  • diseases and various types of cancer
  • death

The chemical nature of this substance causes it to affect the vital organs of the body that receive the most blood supply (kidneys, livers, lungs). As it is metabolized in the body, it primarily affects the central nervous system.

Due to the immiscibility between this biochemical and water, it takes a long time for this substance to degrade, making it a hazard to marine life. Improper disposal of this chemical can cause it to not only end up in water streams, but in other types of ecosystems where animals may ingest or come into contact with the chemical. Wildlife will not survive for long if they ingest this chemical.

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